What is Bingo White Label?

Have you ever wondered what bingo white label brands are and how this differentiates them from other common types of bingo sites? It’s not always clear about the difference between regular bingo sites and white label bingo sites, which is where our experts are here to help. We’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about white label bingo sites as follows to help you understand a little more about these unique platforms. This includes how they work, their pros and cons, and even some of the most popular bingo sites that operate with white label software.

Bucky Bingo is a white label based on the DragonFish platform
Bucky Bingo is a white label based on the DragonFish platform

What is White Label Bingo?

The term “white label” is occasionally used in many different fields, but one area you may not have considered it being used is for bingo sites.

Simply put, a white label bingo site is a platform that a third-party company has created on behalf of another brand. All of the software management (etc.) is coded on behalf of the user; then, all the brand itself has to do is input its logo and company details. This creates a brand new website for the bingo provider but without the hassle of fully creating a website in-house.

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into making a website. Critically, the time involved in coding the site, ensuring all of the relevant bingo games are working normally, and so on will play a significant role.

However, it’s also important to recognize that there’s a lot that can go wrong if the site isn’t coded correctly. As such, white label bingo sites – off-the-shelf web design, if you will – make this process far less risky for the bingo provider.

How Do White Label Bingo Sites Work?

White label bingo sites are a pretty simple concept for a brand to set up. The brand buys the rights to use the white label website design and then adds its own identifiers to the site – for example, its logo and brand name. Then, the site is basically ready to go live. Since this bingo website design has been trialled and tested with other brands, the risk of issues arising is low.

Why do Brands Use White Label Bingo Sites?

There are numerous different reasons why brands might choose to use white label sites. Of course, the exact benefits of white label sites will vary significantly. However, some of the main benefits that can make white label bingo sites appealing for brands include the following points.

#1 Easier to Set Up

Without a doubt, the main benefit for most bingo sites that white label designs can offer is their overall ease of use. Indeed, white label bingo sites are much easier to set up than regular bingo sites, as the brand won’t need to spend hours manually coding the platform – this has all been done in advance for them! As such, white label bingo sites are far easier to set up than a manually coded platform, which is understandably very appealing for brands looking to get started as soon as possible.

#2 More Cost-Effective

Setting up and building a website is incredibly expensive; there’s no doubt about that! With this thought in mind, if the website is looking to create its own proprietary software (as is the case for several notable brands, like Tombola and Bingocams), it will need to have a significant sum of startup money to rely on. However, the cost of developing complex bingo site proprietary software is vastly expensive, often costing thousands before even considering other expenses, such as web hosting and the like.

With this thought in mind, the appeal of using white label software is easy to understand. Since white label bingo software is created once and then licensed to many other bingo providers, the cost for each brand is significantly lower – making setting up a bingo site more cost-effective.

#3 Reduces Testing Times

A further benefit of using white label bingo sites is that they tend to be more reliable than creating new proprietary software. As before, the white label bingo software has been licensed to many other brands beforehand. As such, any errors and glitches will usually have been identified and fixed in advance.

Naturally, this significantly reduces the amount of time needed to test and check the site pre-launch, which further cuts the cost of launching the new bingo site. In addition, it’s well worth considering that this makes it much easier to launch the bingo site without needing a dedicated coding team.

#4 Gives Customers a Sense of Familiarity

A further benefit of white label bingo sites, in some cases, is that they give customers a sense of familiarity. The nature of white label bingo sites means that they are very similar to other platforms. This makes it much easier for customers to work out how to use the white label bingo site, as they won’t need to fully re-learn how the platform is laid out.

Benefits of White Label Bingo Sites for Customers

Did you know that white label designs can offer customers benefits, too? While most people prefer seeing a new and exciting bingo site design, white label sites come with their perks.

More Bingo Sites to Choose From

Mainly, they’re much quicker and more cost-effective for the brand to set up, which may mean that new bingo sites can be released more quickly. In addition, white label bingo sites are more likely to provide a high-quality experience.

Lower Risks of Errors and Glitches Interrupting Your Game

Since the bingo site design has been “tried and tested” on other sites before, the chances of errors or glitches arising are much lower. This can also translate to a better experience for the bingo site customer.

Wide Range of Games Available with Each Bingo Site

Finally, it’s worth considering that white label bingo sites also guarantee plenty of great games for the customer to play. As a bingo customer, having plenty of options to choose from is definitely appealing; luckily, white label software is designed with bingo games pre-installed.

Thus, even new bingo sites can offer a wide range of popular games, making them more appealing to customers accordingly. This is definitely a selling point for customers, who often enjoy the freedom of being able to play their favourite games on new bingo sites.

Is White Label an Exclusive Concept to Bingo Sites?

White label software is not an exclusive concept to bingo sites. However, the bingo world has undeniably embraced the appeal and value that white label website software can bring, with the vast majority of modern bingo sites using white label software.

As a result, when discovering newly launched bingo sites, it’s not uncommon for these to all feel very similar to one another – mainly because they’re using similar, if not identical, website software. Often, the only changes between these bingo sites will be their logo, descriptions, and the like.

What Brands Use White Label Bingo Software?

If you were to load up a random bingo site, there’s a good chance it will have been made with white label software. However, many people are surprised to learn that even some of the “big boys” of the bingo world tend to use white label software.

Who are the Main Providers of White Label Bingo Software?

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that, just as most bingo sites use white label software, this software is also provided by just a handful of firms. Of course, any new brand could launch with the goal of providing an innovative new white label bingo site software. However, for the most part, this market is dominated by three or four key players. If you’ve ever played on bingo sites before, you may well recognize these names:

  • Dragonfish
  • Playtech
  • Jumpman Gaming
  • Cozy Games

Each of these white label software providers offers slightly different features in their designs. However, since their designs cover the vast majority of the modern bingo market, you’ll quickly begin noticing repeats and similarities in bingo site designs.

It’s worth considering that the biggest of these providers is arguably Dragonfish, which is part of the 888 Empire. As such, it’s perhaps no surprise that these brands have become so popular for businesses looking to launch white label bingo sites.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, finding the most versatile white label bingo sites can often feel hard, but it really shouldn’t have to be this way if you ask us! Indeed, in many cases, finding bingo sites that can offer a high standard of support can seem hard. Luckily, with white label bingo sites, you know that the existing software and framework will be fully functional, giving a little extra confidence in the site accordingly.

However, before you begin using a white label bingo site, it’s, of course, still important to note that the authenticity of the brand behind the site is always debatable. As such, be sure to do your research before choosing a white label bingo site to avoid getting caught out!