About Us

 Hello and welcome to Trusted Bingo. When looking for an online bingo website, the choices can seem endless and the jargon can be very intimidating for those who have never heard it before. Besides, there is so much of it, with pages upon pages of terms and conditions for signing up, welcome offers, promotions and more. I think most people do not have the time and desire to comb through them, they just want to place some bets and watch some sport.

   There are over 200 online bingo sites with their own diverse selection of limited time offers and bingo gamess to offer and more and more new companies are adding their names to the hat. However, all these welcome offers seem too good to be true and very often, there are hidden conditions in the fine print that can completely transform the offer, or some previously unknown factor suddenly ruins what you though would bring you some tasty profits.

  On this website, we do the combing through the fine print and we will leave you our findings here. A community has been created with the intent of exchanging information and knowledge of the different bingo sites so that you can choose the most appropriate bingo site for your needs. We will test the welcome offers and if there are x50 wagering requirements that are at first glance concealed, or conditions like odds of at least 2 to 1 in order to qualify for your free bet, then they shall all appear in the review. We experience what the bingo site has to offer so that you do not have to.

Gambling Responsibly:

  I have enjoyed bingo for several years, and I consider it to be a hobby of mine. Though some people can keep it to just a hobby, others can let gambling take over their lives and become a serious addiction. I advise you to keep a close look on both the amounts that you are betting as well as the time that you spend playing bingo and be realistic with yourself when considering whether or not you have an addiction. If you do think that you have a problem or that any people close to you do, then seek free help online at places like Gambling Therapy and GamCare. They can help you determine if you have a problem, and what steps to take to get better.

Reasons to trust these reviews:

  Contrarily to what can be the case in other places, none of these reviews are ever paid or compensated in any way by any of the bingo companies. To sustain the site, we rely on users and customers to review their experiences across the various online bingo sites so that all reviews are completely authentic and honest.    

  To be fully transparent, the way that we make money is when you click a link leading to an online bingo website from our site, we receive a small commission fee. This does not cost you anything and is the only way to keep the website free for all customers, and more importantly, it means that we can maintain our unbiasedness.

  Despite the commission fees, we do not just give out positive reviews in order to receive the commission. Quite the opposite, it is by bringing unbiased reviews of users experiences that we can build our reputation and create this community for gamblers, controlled by gamblers.