Editor in Chief at Trusted Bingo – Sarah Price


My name is Sarah Price and I run the site Trusted Bingo, so that covers all aspects of running the website including writing reviews, educational articles and web design (I try my best 🙂 ). I studied Computing and IT Management MSc at Cardiff University.

I have always been a bingo fan, having worked within the industry with names like Foxy and 888Ladies and as part of my studies we did a lot around web design and server management so that set off my interest in running my own website.

How I came to setting up Trusted Bingo

If there’s one criticism I can make of the internet, it is that it can be very hard to find reputable reviews, be it on business websites themselves, or on third party review sites. I believed that there was a gap in the market for good bingo reviews, that covered more than the usual household names and that’s why I setup Trusted Bingo.

My goal for this website is to review both new and established bingo websites, offering up to date information on their bonuses and unique features – so you can find the perfect site for your needs. Online bingo is a huge business in the UK, as many have realized that while bingo halls can be great fun, the convenience of your phone or laptop as means to access bingo has many benefits.

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve Trusted Bingo, feel free to contact me.